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  • 22 October 2023
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Hello all, 


I am new here, I am trying to connect SQL with Acumatica for the first time but I have been unable to do it. I’d appreciate any advice. This is the message I get…



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Hello, it may be helpful for us to see how the Database Server Connection screen was populated, before the error appeared.  Include some detail about installation steps you have taken so far. Thank you. 

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As an Acumatica consultant,  I remove/re-install Acumatica versions at least once a year.  I created a ‘cheat sheet’ using my notes, and I’ve shared the details below. The rest of the details & steps, you will find in the Acumatica ERP_InstallationGuide.pdf document.

  1. Download & install recent version of SQL Server.  The DEVELOPER edition is free for demo systems; not for resale.
  2. Download most recent version of Acumatica from  There will be two files: one for the framework and one for the app.
  3. Activate IIS.

Control Panel --> Programs & Features --> Turn Windows features on or off.  Turn on ALL features as listed in the Acumatica ERP_InstallationGuide.pdf document:

(Numbering goofy because I copied from Word in pieces.)

  1. Execute the Framework MSI.
    1. The Acumatica ERP FRAMEWORK configurator opens automatically at the end of process # 4.  Follow through on setting up the Framework (system) database.  Accept defaults.  Steps 4 and 5 look the same, sort of, but if you skip this step to create the framework database, the next step to create the tenants won’t work. It won’t find the application pool during tenant configuration.
  2. Execute the Acumatica ERP installation MSI.
    1. When ERP installation completes, the Acumatica ERP configurator opens. Use it to Set up the tenants.
    2. I like to set up one tenant for Each Option (Sales Demo, U100, i100, etc.) plus one EMPTY tenant.

If your steps match everything shown above, post more details and someone more technical than I will come along to help.


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As @Laura02 described i am presuming you have SQL server and Management Studio installed. Open SQL Server Management Studio and ensure the Server name matched the Server Name in the confiuration wizard.


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HI @villday1295 

Along with what @dcomerford stated, ensure that you are connected to the SQL server. 

I would check the iis manager as well to see if that is started


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Thank you all for your advice, I’ll do as recommended and come back in case of any issues. Regards


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