Problems with Microsoft Exchange / IMAP Email Synchronization

  • 3 April 2023
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We’re trying to get the MS Exchange integration working. Part of it is working, calendar events and to-tos are being synced properly, and sending of emails works fine as well; however there are issues with syncing the email inbox.

Our customer’s instance has two tenants, one for testing purposes and one that’s actually in use by our client (I’ll call it production).

On the test tenant what happens is, I have to move emails from the inbox into a subdirectory of the inbox with the same name as is configured in the email section of the sync policy (SM204010). As far as I gathered, this is expected behavior.
Whenever the sync process is executed, the emails from that subdirectory will show up in Acumatica, but on the exchange server the emails are automatically being moved back out of the subdirectory and into the main inbox folder.

Is that also correct behavior? It seems strange to me. And if I manually move the emails back into the subdirectory and run the sync again, the emails do not appear twice in Acumatica, so it does recognize those emails are already synced. So I don’t see the point of the system moving them back.


Interestingly, the behavior seems to be somewhat different on the production tenant.

Here, it seems to grab emails from all sorts of different folders, not just the one specified in the sync policy. But at the same time, it doesn’t grab emails from all folders.

Also, it seems to copy emails back into the inbox, rather than moving them. So every time the sync process runs, it’s creating new duplicates on the mail server, but the duplicates don’t show up within Acumatica.

Some things aren’t quite adding up.


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@manuelschulze  Moving emails synced back to original Inbox folder from Designated Sync folder is the designed behavior just to make sure the emails synced not remaining in that folder.

Regarding different behavior on other tenant I would suggest to check the policy as our exchange synchronization works with Emails on the designated folder as well as Category set at the Sync Policy so this behavior seems to be related to Categorized emails.


Hi @hkabiri,
thanks for the reply. Actually the behavior on both tenants are the same (we got a misinformation on the behavior on the production system). 

Why are emails in the normal inbox folder not synced to Acumatica? Shouldn’t this happen automatically?

This behaviour seems confusing - first you have to put the emails into the sync folder in outlook. Then you sync them with Acumatica and then they appear back again in the inbox folder in outlook?

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Hi @manuelschulze were you able to find a solution? Thank you!

Yes :)


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