Multiple Companies within 1 Tenant with different email address

  • 30 January 2023
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I have a site operating 10 companies within one tenant.     They want to send their invoices /statements from an email address relating to the relevant company.   Within the notification template they can only set one email account which is not company specific.    Anyone came across this with a solution ?



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Hi @juneterris87 

You can define this on the customer or customer class Mailing & Printing tab.

Let me know if you have any additional questions.


David Eichner, CPA

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Thanks @DavidEichner for your response but that wont work as for example an invoice could be raised for a customer who is linked to a class but used by any one of the 10 companies


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@juneterris87 You can add the same mailing ID (INVOICE in this case) multiple times, and define a different branch (in this screen, a company is considered a branch) with a unique Email on each record.
You can do this on the customer class or individual cusomter.



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Thanks @ellie just tested and that works happy customer :)

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@Ellie @juneterris87 Are either of you able to elaborate a bit more on how you got this to work - I seem to be stuck and have to assume it’s something simple

In order to add the same mailing ID multiple times and select different branches, it looks like I first need to add those details at the related preference screen (AR Preference for Invoice, SO for Sales Order etc). Once added at the preference screen, I can then replicate those settings at the Customer Class and it appears that is updating the related customer records as well


However - as soon as I duplicate the Mailing ID on the preference screen, I then get an error when attempting to email from the Actions menu or Process screen. The error states ‘CR Error: Email send failed. Notification Settings 'Invoice' not found.’ 


Here are the settings I have on the AR preference screen - as soon as I add a second Mailing ID here, I get errors with emailing





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@kyle90 ,

The AR preference screen should be left as is out of the box, with a single INVOICE default.

The duplication per company needs to happen on the customer class or customer profile level.


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