How to customize workflow's action to modify data in another custom table?

  • 7 February 2023
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There is a Quick Checks screen (AP304000). It is maintained with predefined workflow.
I need to customize some actions of the workflow.
Just in case, I use 2022 R1 version.

Examples, to be specific with my customization needs:

  1. When is invoked the Release action, I need to write the quick check amount to my custom table.
  2. When is invoked the Void action, I need to delete the amount from my custom table.

I don't need to change the workflow. I need to expand activities that are done by the present actions.

If to customize actions properties with the customization editor. On the Field Update tab I have access to the fields of the Quick Check screen only.
When to customize via code. There is no place to declare action body.


I know how to extend a regular graph action – declare delegate, then in the extended method invoke base method.
But how to extend an action of a workflow?


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3 replies

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Hi Olexandr

I think you will find it easier to over-ride either the Persist event of the graph - or if you look at the Release delegate - you will find a public ‘AfterRelease’ method that you can plug into/over-ride with a graph extension.

It is generally easier to just use the existing methods to add your changes than to modify the workflow



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if you look at the Release delegate - you will find a public ‘AfterRelease’ method that you can plug into/over-ride with a graph extension.

Well, for visual editor the problem stays.
<Fields to Update After Transition> grid has the only fields from the Quick Check screen.
For via code in workflow class, I guess, the same situation.

I think it is not possible yet.
Or should be some gimmicks to do this.

Or it should be done as usual: via graph extension, via declaring a delegate and then declaring an extended method.

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Hi Olexandr


Yes - I think you need to do this via graph extension

FYI - all the ‘Release’ process happens in APDocumentRelease

public virtual List<APRegister> ReleaseDocProc(JournalEntry je, APRegister doc, bool isPrebooking, out List<INRegister> inDocs)

There is a call to RaiseReleaseEvent(doc); in this proc. This is a protected method but it is possible to over-ride this and create a delegate to do your ‘thing’ on this event..

Also - you can always just hook into the Persist event or RowPersisting event to do you updates to your custom DAC


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