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  • 16 August 2023
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i have Client A who’s going through implementation and the first financial year starts on 1/1/2018 (monday) and Client B who’s financial year starts on 1/1/2021 (Friday).  i was referring to the info related to custom week config which led me to believe that it’s related to the financial year but that’s not consistent with what i’m seeing between the two clients:

on the time and expense preference screen, Client A’s week setting has a start date of Monday and Client B has a start day of Sunday.  does anyone know what settings i need to change for the start day to change to Sunday for Client A without using the custom week configuration?



i thought this was related to the work calendar however, Client A has work calendars that have Sunday as a working day and Client B does not have sunday as a working day. 

also, i want to add that Client A has Acumatica Payroll and Client B does not


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Hi @iqraharrison48 

Thanks for the update! I am sure this will help others as well 😁

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@kandybeatty49 hi kandy! that’s where my mind was going too but it wasn’t consistent with my findings between the two companies. in this case Client A had a start date of Monday however, client B’s first day was Friday per the financial calendar but on the time & exp preference for client B, the system still said Sunday.

with that said, i was working with acumatica chat support and we found that checking the custom week configuration allows you to select the day of the week from the drop down.  then you can uncheck the box and save.  this locks in the day that was selected as the first day of week

i also found this only works BEFORE any time card transactions are posted otherwise you will have to use the custom week configuration and generate the correct weeks.


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HI @iqraharrison48 

This is on the Financial Year, You would need to start with a clean instance to accomplish what you are trying to do. Meaning if there are transactions, you will not be able to change this. 



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