AcuWebSiteManager : a global cli tool to manage acumatica instance sites

  • 7 March 2021
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In this topic, i want to talk about an open source tool that i have developed for my own use but it may be useful for acumatica community. 

The tool is named AcuWebSiteManager and it is just a wrapper over ac.exe acumatica command line with some custom enhancements.

When i install and/or uninstall acumatica sites with the wizard provided by acumatica, i m doing some boring manual tasks :

  • Put the same infos again and again in wizard when i install a site
  • Delete files, database, app-pool, etc keeped when i uninstall a site

So, i developped the tool that help me to avoid those repetitive tasks. The tool is developped as a global net tool and is published to so you can install it by running this command in your terminal :

  • dotnet tool install -g AcuWebSiteManager --ignore-failed-sources

After installation, you can follow the instructions in installation guide in order to play with the tool :

  • Create a site
  • Delete a site
  • List sites
  • Export database to bacpac file
  • Import database from bacpac file
  • Switch site to use another database

Note: you need to run tool commands in an administrator terminal mode.

Feel free to use the tool, adapt it for your own use, give me some insights and/or issues and if you like it please don’t hesitate to give a star for the github repository.




4 replies

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Create Site with AcuWebSiteManager

With CreateSite command, you can open multiple terminals at the same time, and launch the creation of multiple sites with the same version or different versions (20R1, 20R2, etc.). The default password for the site is Acumatica but you can custom this value in the xml file (see tag upass).

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Delete Site with AcuWebSiteManager

With DeleteSite command, you can remove entirely an acumatica site (files, database, virtual site and application pool). There are some exceptions where application pool is not removed :

  • AppPool used is the default one provided by iis which is DefaultAppPool
  • AppPool is already used by another instance site which is not yet removed
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Nice work @AcuDev !! I starred the repository on GitHub

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Thanks a lot @Gabriel Michaud :relaxed:


Note : When you list sites (with ListSites command) or create site (with CreateSite command), the tool display some informations about site(s). You can navigate and open directly site(s) into your browser from your terminal : just click ctrl and click on the link (site name).





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