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  • 11 July 2023
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How do I give a user access to ONLY the Cross-Reference segment of the Stock Item screen?

I can give them rights to images and packaging just fine. Those live under:
Inventory → Stock Items → InventoryItem

I have DELETE rights to Inventory → Stock Items → Cross-Reference

But I still can’t access that grid. I’m obviously missing something here. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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5 replies

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@Michael Hansen Here is the access node that drives this as I just tested and was able to provide access to the TEST role in my sales demo instance.

Here, the TEST user does not have access.

In different browser, logged in as admin, went into the stock items (IN202500) screen, then tools > access rights.

This opened access rights by screen where I was able to determine the proper access node and provide the TEST role with access to the cross reference tab.

The TEST user now has access to the cross reference tab.

If you have provided access to this and are still not able to access the cross reference tab, the next step may be to check access rights by user to see if there are conflicting roles configured that are preventing the user from accessing that tab.


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I have that set to DELETE, and this is the only role on the user (test user). You also have every other segment set to DELETE. Do you get the same results if you block the other tabs? I have a feeling cross-reference isn’t what it appears to be:

In the above, I also have Cross-Ref set to DELETE, but the options to add in or delete rows is greyed out still. Do you get the same behavior on your end? 

Shouldn’t matter, but I’m running:
Acumatica 2022 R1
Build 22.107.0022 

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@Michael Hansen Question on this, if you go up a level, what do you have Stock Items set to?  I ask because Acumatica does not support increasing access at lower levels, so if stock items is set to insert or edit (anything other than delete), this will not work as you can’t increase access at lower levels.

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I have it set to EDIT, which is 100% my issue. THANK YOU! So if Stock Items says EDIT and a child says DELETE, then we resolve to EDIT for access rights.


I need to push up Stock Items to DELETE then rebuild my children since inheritance will wreck all my current settings. Easy wins!


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@Michael Hansen Yes, that is why this was not working.  Stock items was set to Edit, then you attempted to increase access at a lower level (Delete access for Cross Reference).  Access rights can be tedious in situations like this where you only want the user to have delete access to one tab, but if that is the case, the higher level has to be set to delete, then access can be restricted at the lower levels.  Glad we were able to assist you in getting this working.


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