You have been logged out due to exceeding the number of tenants in the system.

  • 3 March 2022
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Has anyone else noticed this behavior on 2020R2 and later versions?

We are seeing this on a third client environment, and the second time for this particular environ.

On Feb 28th Tenant 3 had a full snap shot taken and restored to Test Tenant 4. 


Beginning on the morning or March 3 when a user logged into tenant 4 (or switched from tenant 3 to tenant 4) and this exceeded the 2 concurrent user limit in tenant 4... users logged into tenant 3 were logged out with the message “You have been logged out due to exceeding the number of tenants in the system.”

Restarting the application, via Application Updates SM203510, seems to have resolved the issue and we plan to add this step to our snapshot process for migrating data from PROD to QA/Training environs.

The same thing happened on a Snapshot done on Jan 10, and users logging in throughout the day Jan 11 received this error. Acumatica restarted the server and we had no further issues.


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Yes, we also observed that behaviour in the recent versions of Acumatica. We were informed that tenants for training and tests are free of charges but restricted to 2 concurrent users. If a third user signs on to the training tenant then a user of the production tenant is logged off instead of loging off a user of the training tenant. 

It is an odd behaviour, I could guess the code that manages sign-ons in trial licenses, which does not differentiate tenants, was also reused here for training tenants. 

I was informed recently that the sign-on management of training/tests tenants is going to change soon. Something like simultaneous users will be limited according to the instance license and the transactions will be accounted in the same way as a transaction of the production tenants. 



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