Template Item Sync Error: Shopify supports only up to 3 product options.

  • 21 September 2023
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I’m launching on Acumatica and trying to sync Template Items with an existing Shopify store with the same products in it already. I’m hoping to sync them up with each other. However, I’m receiving this error each time (below). Please let me know if anyone has encountered this or knows what the remedy is. Thanks! 

Product options could not be created in Shopify. There are 1 variant types in the MISIML template item, but Shopify supports only up to 3 product options.


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5 replies

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I’ve been receiving the same error and looking for a solution:

“Product options could not be created in Shopify. There are 1 variant types in the XXX template item, but Shopify supports only up to 3 product options.”

I’ve experienced it when adding certain attributes to the item class or updating an existing attribute on the template item and then hitting the “update matrix items” button. Before I press it to update a sync works well, afterwards I get the error.

If anyone else has run into this, I’d also love to learn more - seems like a bug!

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Just wanted to add that the only way I found to fix the error was to:

  1. Clear the last sync
  2. Delete the matrix items
  3. Remove the attribute from the item class
  4. Re-create matrix items
  5. Sync

Sometimes removing the attribute does not fix the error! Maybe it’s only certain types of attributes (ex: checkbox) that trigger this?

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@salvonashai I did just learn today that if there is a variant in Shopify that doesn’t exist as a matrix item in Acumatica, then it will throw this error. But, if you’re saying that all the matrix items matched the variants 1 for 1, but it errored when you added additional ones, that definitely seems like a bug and a concern for me too. 

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@lawsont Good to know. In my testing, I am only syncing 1 item, and syncing isn’t fair, I am just pushing it from the ERP, it is not bi-directional. I’ll keep an eye out but I also think there is something else at play, or maybe just a separate issue I am facing.

It’s interesting that I don’t see any other mentions of this error on the forum or google.

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We had this issue when trying to upload stock items that had only one attribute or more than 3 attributes. The solution we used for the more than 3 attribute was to break the items out further. This one was due to a Shopify limitation, where Acumatica allows you to have a huge number of attributes per template. 

The template item had attributes like size, color, connection style, and a checkbox for back brace or no back brace (for a certain type of fall harness). We ended up having to reduce the number of attributes and just broke out the harnesses to two templates, one for the harness with a back brace and one for the harness without a back brace.

For items with only one attribute, acumatica won’t support it. They require at least two (something I don’t understand but that’s how it works to the best of my knowledge). We created dummy variables for these and it solved our problem. Your dummy variable can be something trivial like color and it can be the same for every variant, but it has to be there. I know there are other threads on dummy variables in template items if you look for those! Hopefully this is helpful!


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