Is there a way to make Stock Items "Export to External" field as false?

  • 1 August 2023
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We are integrating Acumatica and BigCommerce. There are >100k of Stock item records in Acumatica. With that amount, only a subset of products will be exported in BigCommerce based on criteria provided. 

We noticed that as a default, Export to External is set to true. Is there a straightforward way to achieve our goal where in only the identified items based on criteria shall be exported and the rest will not?

Now, what we are doing is to create a GI and make everything Export to External as false, then running an Import Scenario to explicitly set the Export to External true based on criteria given.

Hoping to hear your suggestions for a more direct and elegant way on fixing this. Thank you so much :)


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Hi @jib87 

Running Import scenario is the best option I see rather than running a script at the backend.


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@jib87 - You should have a check box at the Stock Item level where you can control this.


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@jib87 - Also at the Item Class Level if you want to apply it to a class.


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@jib87 , the cleanest way to do it is what you’re doing right now: unchecking that box through an import scenario, and then checking it only for those items that you want to export.

You could also use Filter conditions on the Entities screen, and define which items should be exported and which will be filtered out. However, it’s not my favorite.

Also, make sure to adjust Item Classes as Rohit has mentioned above - this will help you in the future to minimize manual work on newly created products.

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Gotcha. Thank you for your responses. So, setting the Export to External in the Item Class level to false will be inherited by stock items with that item class. I think that will be helpful


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