How to restrict "all sales order records" screen

  • 16 August 2022
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Hi All,


I just want to ask regarding how to restrict the visibility of all sales order records and only show my sales order records?


Please refer to the screenshot below.






4 replies

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Hello @nadia02 ,

We can restrict Sales Orders to those entered by a certain user by adjusting the Sales Order list to show only your Sales Orders, and changing permissions to make the order number and < > navigation buttons inside the sales order screen to be View Only.

Here is a recent post where someone asked the same question about Purchase Orders.


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@nadia02 I am not aware of a way to hide the All Records tab in a GI. If you want to restrict access across the board, edit the primary list GI as follows.

Add a Hidden Parameter


Add a Condition Referencing the Hidden Parameter



Then implement the security @laura01 mentions above to secure the SO screen.


If you have a group of users that should be able to see all sales orders, that can be accomplished as well within the primary list GI.

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@nadia02 - You can look into a minor customization to display the Sales Order records based on you login username. 

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 @nadia02 We also have this knowledgebase article which gives some direction to filter a GI based on the logged in user:

The article itself is supposed to be direction after updating to 2020 R2 and the @me condition not working quite the same way, but it gives insight into re-configuring the conditions and it should work for this situation.

It’s not that you are hiding the All Records tab, you are adding a condition to the GI to filter based on the current user = the CreatedByUser or the Owner of the document.

Have you already tried this?


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