How do I troubleshoot Error: Option values ids on update should belong to the option when syncing a Template Item to BigCommerce?

  • 7 August 2023
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I’m not sure if this is the right place to ask this.  If not please accept my apologies in advance. 

We have several template items that are giving this error when trying to sync with BigCommerce. 

One example is below:

Error: Option values ids on update should belong to the option, the following is were not found: 6593; Status: 422


  1. How can I find out what the missing Option ID is referring to?
  1. More generally, is there a way to set up the Template items so that Acumatica will update BigCommerce automatically, without manual intervention, either overwriting what's there or creating an alternative listing?

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Best answer by Yuri Karpenko 8 August 2023, 18:32

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@ppowell , this kind of issue will require more in-depth investigation. I would compare template items + matrix items + options selected in Acumatica with the same product + variants + option values in BigCommerce, just to see what’s the difference.

If I’m not mistaken, you cannot change option values for existing matrix items. If you want to redefine your matrix items, you need to delete them in Acumatica, then MANUALLY delete them in BigCommerce, set up new matrix items in Acumatica, and then sync.

I would recommend engaging with your VAR to troubleshoot this issue. They would need to understand both, Acumatica, and BigCommerce.

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@Yuri Karpenko Thanks for confirming this isn’t a simple fix. We have manages to resolve the issue now for that item after removing the old matrix item on Bigcommerce and resyncing.


Thanks again,



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