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  • 4 May 2022
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A client has two web stores being synced to the same Acumatica tenant. One store, B2B only, will only use customer group pricing (AR Sales Prices by Customer Price Class) with a fallback to Default price and the other will use the Default pricing with occasional specials.  The default price in a Big Commerce store can only be updated from the stock item or template item. The client wishes to update the default price on the B2Cstore using AR Sales Prices because the price may be different from the stock item default price for the B2B customers.


Unfortunately the Base Price and Price List entities do not allow Export Mapping.

Has anyone had this issue and how do they resolve it?  Is it even possible to customize the sync process?


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5 replies

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@dgodsill97 Thank you for this question. Currently, the default price cannot be updated using the AR Sales Price. If you think this will help you and others, I would suggest you to create the topic as an Idea and based on the votes we can consider to bring this feature out of the box. 

You can certainly do the customization. In the entities mapping, you can unmap the price from Acumatica stock, non stock, template item entities. Then you can customize to send the prices from base sales price to BigCommerce. 

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Thanks.  We will using Customer Price Class since we can control that by adding an element to the store do define a default price class.  Where is the actual code that gets the stock item price to sync with BC?  Is it in Prepare Data, Process Data, and/or Sync History?

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@dgodsill80 I just tested. You have to provide a price when you create a product in BigCommerce. At least 0.00 should be provided. But 0.00 is not good because in the meanwhile the customer can buy this item. 


But the good thing is BC give preference to Price List than default price in the product. So you are good here. Just export the required prices to the Price List in BigCommerce and assign the Price List to the required Customer Groups and Customers. 


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Thanks.  We are preparing a customization to use the AR sales price to update the BC Default Price.  We just need to know where to do the modification: Prepare Data, or Process Data,and/or Sync History.

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Hi @dgodsill97 were you ever able to resolve your issue? Thank you!


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