Customer Price Class prices for Matrix Inventory - Sync with BigCommerce

  • 31 August 2022
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When syncing Customer Price Class (type) price lists that contain prices for matrix inventory and template items to BigCommerce, the price list in BigCommerce contains the list of items, but the prices are all $0.00.

This is how it’s set up in Acumatica:

and this is how it comes out in BigCommerce:

I’m aware that Customer specific prices are not supported by the connector, but this is not a customer-specific price.

Any ideas on how to overcome this issue?

Thank you!


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9 replies

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@Yuri Karpenko do you have prices only for Matrix items or for Template item too?

I the current version we take only Template item prices, and not Matrix items. However, there is a ticket in development to change it, to consider Matrix items too.

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@smarenich , we have prices for matrix inventory as well. How far are you from implementing this functionality? The client can’t really go live without this. Thank you!

P.S. I removed all matrix items from the Sales Prices, only left the Template Item in the price list, re-synced, and my price list still shows $0.00.

@Yuri Karpenko , on your screenshot we can't see "New Sales Price" column. Please, add it from Edit column dropdown selector in the top right corner. Once done you would be seeing the prices for break qty 0 or 1 in the New Sales Price field for both Template Item and Matrix item.

Regarding to the implementing process for matrix items prices functionality: we are in process now and targeting updates to fix it.

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@KseniaBurtseva61  thanks for your feedback.

When I add all matrix items and a template item to the Price List in Acumatica, I get all the matrix items in BigCommerce with the same price - the price of a template item:

Note that all the matrix items in Acumatica have different prices ($6-$8, but never $10).

If I remove Template Item from the Price List in Acumatica, New Sale Price is blank:

Any suggestions? It’s a blocker for our project right now. Thanks!

@Yuri Karpenko

currently, until the feature does not implemented by Acumatica, you can export only Template item price, not Matrix prices. Once export done BigCommerce would be applying Template price to all the variants.

And if you delete Template item price, all the prices will remove in the Price list. After we implement the feature, Acumatica will allow to export Matrix items prices.

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Hi @smarenich  and @KseniaBurtseva61   

is there any traction on this issue?  is this feature available now to use?  We have a client who is on 2020R2 and facing the same issue.   

Please share the options or alternatives available here.  




Hi @Sai Chettiar 

We implemented the feature (earliest build with the feature is 21R219), new logic works in a following way:

  1. If at least 1 variant (matrix item) has a price, then variant prices will be exported instead of template price.
  2. If none of the variants (matrix item) defined with prices, then only template price will be exported (BigCommerce will populate it to matrix).
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Hello @KseniaBurtseva61 

Thank you for sharing this update. Will review this accordingly today and keep you informed with an update.   




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@KseniaBurtseva61 , thanks for the good new. Which 22R1 build this feature is implemented on? Thanks!


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