What is the difference between Line Discount and Document Discount and how it affects the Accounts?

  • 22 October 2020
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In the Shopify Stores(BC201010) and BigCommerce Stores(BC201000) form, the user can choose the option to show the discounts in Acumatica Sales Order as a Line Discount or Document Discount when orders are imported from External System. It cannot be both. 


When Show Discount In: Document Discount


The order Level and item level discount from external system will be shown in the Discount Details tab in the document level in Acumatica Sales Order. 

This is the order created in BigCommerce. 


This is the Sales Order in Acumatica 


Also, When the Document Discount is selected the Discount Amount revenue will be recorded against the Discount Accounts as shown below.


When Show Discount In: Line Discount


The order Level and item level discount from external system will be shown in the line item in  Acumatica Sales Order. 

When Line Discount is selected, by default, the discount amounts are not recorded against the discount amount 


But if Post Line Discount Separately is selected in the Order Type then the discounts would be as shown below. 



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11 replies

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This is great @KarthikGajendran, thanks for posting this. I have a few additional things to share here:

Coupon Codes/Discounts/Promotions

When using Commerce Edition, the marketing team will continue to design coupon/discount codes and merchandising promotions in the eCommerce platform (BigCommerce or Shopify).

The discounts associated with those promotions will be honored within the ERP.

If a coupon code is used by a customer, the code will be recorded in the SO along with the discount applied.


eCommerce platforms do not handle the accounting of BOGO free discounts in the same manner we would within the ERP. Because the $ is sent to the ERP in this manner, we have to use what we receive. That said, BOGO strategies are supported by Commerce Edition.

Imagine the following:

  • Merchant offers 2 products on their eComm site
  • Item1 for $10
  • Item2 for $5 
  • Merchant runs a campaign - Buy Item1, Get Item2 for free
  • Customer purchases Item1
  • In their cart they see
    • Item1 - $10
    • Item2 - $0
  • The eComm platform is “selling” Item2 for $0.
  • It is not selling Item2 for $5 - $5 discount.
  • Customer submits their order
  • The ERP includes line item Item2 with a price of $0, not a price of $5 with a $5 discount.

Not the end of the world, but something I like to ensure everyone understands.

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Thanks @josh.fischer it helps.

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When our Big Commerce orders sync over to Acumatica, we are only getting the “sale” or “discounted price” level we set up in Acumatica and Big Commerce. So on the Acumatica Sales Order that results from the Big Commerce Sync we do not see the original Retail Price.  Then, in turn, the Customer Invoice only has on it the sale / discount price.  So, the customer never sees the the original Retail Price and does not “see” the discount amount and how much the customer saved.   

Can Acumatica be configured so the Retail Price and the Sale / Discount Price show on the Acumatica Sales Order and the Acumatica Invoice when an order is synced from Big Commerce?

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@dougmcbride79  thanks for the question. 

BigCommerce sends us only one price which is the final price of the product that you sold to the customer and hence we could only show that in the Unit Price column in Sales Order. If you configured the products to discount using the Promotional Code or Automatic Discount or Manual Discount then this will be imported into Acumatica. Meaning, you would have the original price in Unit Price column and the Discount Price and Discount Percentage fields in Acumatica Sales Order would show appropriate Discount values. 

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Thank you for your help.  I greatly appreciate it.  I am still a little confused.  Could I give you this example: 
I have a test account in my Acmatica.  The test account is called “Doug McBride Enterprises”.  I have set up this test account to be in the 18% “Price Class” in Acumatica.  And when I sync customers to Big Commerce, the 18% price class in synced to Big Commerce and my test account has the 18% discount in Big Commerce when I buy items in Big Commerce.    

Now, when I place an order in Acumatica the regular non-discounted Price and the 18 discounted price both show up on the Acumatica Sales Order.  But when I create the same order in Big Commerce only the 18% discounted price shows up on the Big Commerce sales order, and after I sync, only the 18% discounted price shows up on the Acumatica Sales Order.  The regular non-discounted price or the discounted percentage does not show up on the Acumatica Sales Order. 

I think your comment is saying IF I properly configure Acumatica and place an order in Big Commerce and sync to Acumatica, the regular price and the 18% discounted price would flow to the Acumatica Sales Order.  So the regular price and the 18 discounted price would show on the Acmatica sales order.  Is this correct? 

Thank you for helping me. 


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@dougmcbride79 The issue here is that you are using category level discounts on the Customer Group ID/Customer Price Class. In this case, BigCommerce do not provide the discount information in the Order API. 

The best way to handle this is, you go to Marketing->Promotions-> Automatic discounts. The promotion type should be based on the Category discount and apply this discount to the required Customer Group ID/Customer Price Class as shown in the screenshot. 

By doing this, the discount will be provided by the BigCommerce Order API. 

Please let me know if it works. 


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Thank you so much for this insight.  I greatly appreciate your helping me understand how Acumatica and Big Commerce work together.  You said it perfectly when you said the relationship is complex but the complexity is what allows users to solve many unique issues. Thank you. 

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@KarthikGajendran I appreciate your detailed overview. I have a question about the application of Line Discounts in your example above. 

First, when reviewing the BigCommerce site, there is a $10 discount on the Acer Laptop and a $15 discount on the order (see your previous image and ignore the misleading coupon code name of 10$OFFORDER)

Those individual discounts seem to be applied clearly at the Acumatica Document Level in your first example. However, in the Acumatica Line Level example, the discounts are spread out across multiple items in multiple lines. For accounting purposes, it would be impossible to see that the Acer was discounted $10, because the example shows it as being discounted $22.46 (see your previous image: Wouldn’t this distribution of discounts affect accounting and sales reporting?

Is there a built in solution to use both types of discounts (Document level + Line level) and have them synchronized appropriately?



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@david5 Thanks for the question. I haven't explained about how BigCommerce calculates the order/document level discounts. Please see below screenshot. 

  1. I have a 10$ Item discount for Acer Laptop($500.00). 
  2. I have 15$ OFF of Order discount. 

So what BC would do in this case is that it would check the total value of the order which is $600.00 = Acer Laptop(500.00) and Lego (100.00). So this 15$ order/document level discount is divided among the $600.00 value and that's why Acer laptop got $12.50 off and Lego got $2.50 off. Bringing the total discount for Acer Laptop to $22.50(Item discount $10.00 + Order discount $12.50) and Lego to $2.50. 

Regarding importing the Line discount as line and Order discount as document discount will be considered in the past because currently we have limitations with BigCommerce API. 

Please let me know if it is clear now. Thank you. 



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When using the Line Item discounts with the Post Line Discounts separately, is there a way to have the item discount actually map to the inventory ID from the Invoice? 

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Has anyone experienced issues regarding tax calculations on orders with discounts? 

For example, Shopify has a line level discount applied to an item, and there’s another item in the cart that is taxable. When that order comes into Acumatica, the discount is applied across all items, meaning the taxable item is less than it was in Shopify. This causes a tax discrepancy, since the taxable amount in Shopify is greater than it thinks it is in Acumatica. 


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