Some Stock Items Are Not Syncing Over

  • 26 July 2021
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Some stock items do not sync over to BigCommerce, most of them do but for every 50-100 items that do sync over there is 4-5 items that do not.


Most of the items, if I change the price, category, description it will re-sync itself and usually the ones that don’t I can force the re-sync and it will work.


But occasionally a stock item won’t sync no matter what I change or how many times I resync everything, even if I force the re-sync it won’t pick up the changes on that specific stock item.


I have set stock items the synced successfully and stock items that will not sync, side by side and both of them have the same settings.


does anybody know what could be causing this issue?


Thank You….


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@cardfaux Thank for your question. Please submit a case with Acumatica support team. We need to check your settings. Before that just make sure you are not filtering those items from Entities(BC202000) form. 

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There are 5 designed reasons why Stock item may not be synchronized to BigCommerce:

  1. Stock Item has no Sales Categories and there is no default category selected at the store preferences. In this case to sync item, we should just add a sales category.
  2. Stock Item is linked to template item. In this case, such Stock Item should be synced using corresponding template item.
  3. Stock Item is filtered out on the Entities Screen. In this case you just should adjust filtering criteria.
  4. Item is Skipped from sync. In this case you can manually sync the item from Sync History Screen.
  5. Item is Failed or Aborted. In this case you can find an error message on Sync Hostory screen and than manually sync the item.

I recommend you to check the Sync History screen on tabs with names Invalid or Filtered or Skipped. Both of them may contain items that won’t be synced on purpose.

Also I recommend you to check Failed and Aborted tabs on the Sync Hostory screen to make sure that there are no errors during sync.


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