Shopify: Handling Restock item option while refunding the order.

  • 21 February 2024
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Shopify provides Restock item option(as shown in the screenshot 1) when Refund is performed. When this is checked, it means that the returned items goes back to inventory.

By default, the Restock item option is checked by Shopify. 

In some scenarios, the seller advises the buyer to keep the product or discard and not ship back the product because those are not resellable, return cost is higher etc.,

In those cases, buyer would like to uncheck the Restock item option when refunding so that the item does not go inventory. 


Scenario Recommendation
Buyer wants the seller to ship back the item that is returned. Check Restock item option
Buyer while processing the refund, not sure what to do with Restock item option. Check Restock item option
Buyer cannot resell the returned item so do not want the item to be shipped back. 

Check Restock item option and put this item in the garbage location in Acumatica based on the reason code for accounting purpose. The correct inventory in Shopify will get updated with the inventory sync from Acumatica. 


Uncheck Restock item option.

Buyer wants to refund the money for the item but still wants to ship the item. Here the items is not yet shipped at the item of processing the refund.  DO NOT REFUND THE ITEM. Instead process the amount refund without selecting the item. If you select the item, then the fulfillable quantity decreases in Shopify and this item cannot be fulfilled in Shopify anymore. See screenshot 2. 


If there are any other scenarios we missed where you would like to uncheck Restock item option please let us know

Screenshot 1:

Screenshot 2:


6 replies

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Once the order status on Shopify is Refunded, it will cancel the order in Acumatica.  

The quantiles remain, so the order just needs to be reopened. However it would be nice if the statuses matched.  So a cancelled order in Shopify would be cancelled in Acumatica, but a refunded and unfulfilled order in Shopify would be still be open, but $0 in Acumatica.  

I realize this may be to prevent accidental shipping of refunded orders, but it can create some discrepancies between the systems.  

I created an order in Acumatica with 5 items, only one had a dollar amount.  I then refunded the one item.  The order status in Shopify was Refunded and Unfulfilled yet Cancelled in Acumatica.  

Other situations would be when we refund a late order but let it go anyways, we want Acumatica’s inventory and COGS to stay in sync.  

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If you’re returning the goods to your warehouse, I’m assuming you’re going to do that in Acumatica (RT Order) and record your updated inventory in Acumatica. 

Will checking that box create an extra item on Shopify since your stock level in Acumatica went up by the return and you’re restocking it on Shopify as well?

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I have a different return scenario which I have built 2 business events to handle the return process since the client wants to enter the returned quantity in Shopify for the return with the “Restock Item” unchecked, but doesn’t want the item to pull in as a stock item return in Acumatica.

Returns Scenario: Without prior notice, the customer returns products to the warehouse for a refund. Upon receipt, the product is inspected, and inventory is adjusted via a Receipt in Acumatica.  The warehouse team informs customer service, who then processes the refund in Shopify, bypassing quantities being brought in via the refund process back into Acumatica. 

Business Events:

  1. Adds the Shopify “Refund Amount Item” for each line in the return pushed over from Shopify.  It pulls the description cost qty etc into the designated line.
  1. The second business event removes the stock item from the return order based upon a schedule once a day.

 I can share the business event as well.


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@Jeff96  The returned qty with restock option will increase the qty in Acumatica and also in Shopify. There are instance where the user dont want the item to be returned to the inventory because the item is not resell able. Even in this case we advise the users to still go to restock option but in Acumatica put it in garbage location. The extra inventory in Shopify will be updated when the inventory is synced from Acumatica because in Acumatica the garbage location is not taken into inventory calculations. 

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Does anyone know how the “Refund Amount Item”, that is setup on the Order Settings tab, actually comes into play?   I haven’t seen a scenario where this non-stock item is used…




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@kkeating24  If you do Amount refund then it will be used. 

Amount Refund: There is no item refund. You simple refund a certain amount to make the customer happy because they received the order late, or discount or coupons didn't get applied etc., Since there is not item to be linked to this amount refund the connector will use the Item from the stores form. 


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