Set default customer salesperson for all customer locations (including future)

  • 25 May 2023
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Our salespersons manage customers at the customer account level. However, in Acumatica salespersons are assigned to customers at the customer location level.

One area where this is becoming an issue for us is ecommerce, specifically Shopify. All of our customers are assigned to a salesperson to manage their accounts, including ecommerce customers. However, if a salesperson is assigned at an ecommerce customer’s default location, and then the customer creates a new location in their Shopify account, that new location syncs over to Acumatica without a salesperson assigned. This means the salesperson assigned to the customer’s account is not credited and does not receive commission on that order (when they should).

Does anyone know if it is possible to set a default salesperson to the customer account so that this salesperson is automatically assigned to any future locations created under that customer account?

2 replies

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@mikeho - did you ever figure out a good way to handle this?

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@bcameron - not 100%, no. I think we’re about 80-90% there. What I did was I created an attribute that I added as a User Defined Field on the Customer record:


We’re now using this to designate an “account manager” for the entire customer record/account. I then created a GI that referenced this field and all of the customer locations and built a business event with an import scenario to update all of the customer’s locations with the value set in this “account manager” UDF when they don’t match. This works fairly well.

The one thing I haven’t been able to solve is when a customer creates a new location in Shopify and that syncs over to Acumatica; these don’t seem to trigger the business event. So I created a separate, manual import scenario on an automation schedule to catch any of these throughout the day.

This is the best I’ve been able to come up with short of a customization to the connector, which I’m hesitant to do.


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