Scenarios of Refunds import for Shopify Orders with cash or credit card payments

  • 25 January 2024
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Hi All,

The Commerce Retail team has recently prepared a technical guide about import of Refunds supported by the Acumatica Shopify connector in version 2023r2. This guide covers the most common refunds scenarios for Shopify orders with cash or credit card payments.

We believe that this document will help to improve users’ knowledge of the refund import process and what results they can expect.

If there are any other frequent scenarios of refunds applicable for Shopify orders, please let us know in replays for this post.



6 replies

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Thank you!  We have so many orders this has been an area I have been needing to clean up, many work just fine but not always.  Hope this helps me clean up the rest.  

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@bryanb39 Please let us know if you have any scenarios that you need help and not described in the guide. We can describe it and send you. 

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@KarthikGajendran is this truly only applicable to Shopify Payments and not when using on Shopify?

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@Jeff96  we validated this set of scenarios using Shopify Payments. However, it can also be applicable for on Shopify since the connector behavior is identical in most cases.

if you find any differences please let us know, we can check them. 

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Going through these Scenarios and 1.1.1 [SP.Cancel.ACOpen] Order is imported into the ERP as a Sales Order has a different outcome for us.

We’re using Shopify Payments, Shopify Plus, and testing this by manually Preparing & Processing in our update sandbox which is running Build 23.206.0006.

The refund “Voided Payment” gets imported put On Hold, linked to the original released Payment, and the Sales Order successfully shows cancelled- see screenshots:

We have Shopify Payments linked to a Cash Account and have Release Payments & Refunds + Process Refunds checkboxes selected.

Based on what we read we expected the Voided Payment to be released/posted to successfully void the original payment on the Sales Order. Are we missing something?


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Please check the Accounts Receivable Preferences form (AR101000) , suppose that you have ‘Hold Documents on Entry’ checkbox selected in the Data Entry Settings section.



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