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  • 4 December 2023
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When I got into the template item for a product we sell and try to delete one of the matrix items that we no longer offer I am getting an error. “Referenced in multiple tables”. The trace points to a number of locations including old sales orders and GL accounts entries. 

Is there a way to keep the references in the tables but remove from the matrix? (we use matrix to push to a number of ecommerce solutions our current work around works with some and not all) 


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8 replies

@Chris Hackett Not yet. Still working on reviewing permissions. As far as I can tell as a System Administrator I have a lot of access but I am still unable to change Template ID association from the Stock Item editing screen. I have a ticket with our VAR to review. 

Also I was incorrect when stating the ERP import matrix package was published. 

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Hi @Aspence26 were you able to find a solution? Thank you!

I do not see that option in the Item Class screen. Not sure how to check my permissions but there is one user with total access and I will see if they can do it. 


Our problem is with Big Commerce - Even though we have the stock item unclicked for “Export to External System” whenever we make a change to the Item Template and publish it adds back the deleted item. Then if we remove it on Big Commerce auto syncing no longer works because the matrix item is trying to push to BC but no longer sees that item. We want auto sync without the item we no longer offer. 

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Hi @Aspence26 

One more check, Do you see any Option in Item class “ Allow edit template ID”  also check the permissions.


2022 R1. It is published. In the stock item screen the template ID field is a link to the template items screen and not a field I can edit. 

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Is this package Published in Your assistance?

Which version Acumatica your are using.

It is not an element/entry I can edit in the stock item screen. Could this be a user access issue? 

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Hi @Aspence26 

Are you able to remove the Template ID from the stock Item screen?



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