Rate of Data Processing for Stock Items

  • 6 October 2021
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Is there a standard data processing rate for stock items when syncing updates from Acumatica to BigCommerce via the native connector?

We have over 150,000 SKUs in our database and we often mass update pricing for a large % of our items. 

The current rate we’re experiencing is only 5 items per minute. At this rate, it takes us 21 days to upload our changes to BigCommerce if we’re mass updating pricing on all records. 

Is this standard behavior or should performance be better?


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6 replies

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Hi @MichaelTobi - thanks for reaching out about this. 

The answer depends on several variables including the Acumatica Tier that you guys are using. I’m going to DM you and hopefully we can connect and run some numbers together. 

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Hi @josh.fischer - Were you and @MichaelTobi able to resolve the issue? Thanks!

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We’ve had a client issue with memory overload and instance restart due to too many items being synced at once (only a few thousand items actually). We have a support case open and it looks like it may be a bug but wondering if others also face this issue.

Things could definitely be improvement in regards to BC syncs on mass item updates:

  • Syncing only the field that was changed
  • Disabling certain fields from triggering a sync
  • Better queueing of the updates so it doesn’t crash
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@abahar14 we’re still having the same issue as you. Multiple application restarts required when syncing over a lot of data as the system goes into a permanent slowdown. Also, the rate of processing stock items is extremely slow. 
Acumatica has recommended a build upgrade to the most recent version of 2021R1 which we’ll be doing around end of January.

Any luck on your side in resolving this otherwise?

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@MichaelTobi we received similar recommendation and are planning to upgrade next year. Currently the workaround was to reduce the number of updates being made which involved analyzing what we are updating (an attribute) and off-loading that (by doing the update separately once a day directly in BC).

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@Ahmed - just a follow up on this topic. We have upgraded to Build 21.119.0030 of 2021 R1 and the rate of processing for stock items is no longer an issue. 


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