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  • 13 February 2022
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Hello everyone,

I need some advice for my inventory report..

I need to compare inventory values between BigCommerce and Acumatica to make sure I see any discrepancies. The problem is that in BigCommerce I see the parent SKU... not the child SKUs that the acumatica is presenting. So if I saw this in Acumatica:

01-10-0001-LG-BK-NP-C = 1
01-10-0001-LG-CH-NP-C = 0
01-10-0001-LG-DCB-NP-C = 12
01-10-0001-LG-TO-NP-C = 5
01-10-0001-MD-BK-NP-C = 1
01-10-0001-MD-CH-NP-C = 1

In BigCommerce it would show this:

01-10-0001 = 20

So I need the data from Acumatica that matches the data in that CSV from BigCommerce. I need some sort of automated report that is fairly straightforward to run that will show me the available inventory for in Acumatica and also the Inventory for the variations in BigCommerce.

Any idea how I can aggregate this?

Thank you.


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@bernadeth58 You can use Generic Inquiry and select data from INItemStats table to get values from Acumatica.

To get aggregated values by the template items, something like, but please note this is not a completed querry.

Select TemplateItem.InventoryID, MAX(StockItem.InventoryId), SUM(INSiteStatus.QtyOnHand) from INSiteStatus
Inner join InventoryItem StockItem on INSiteStatus.InventoryID = StockItem.InventoryID
Left join InventoryItem TemplateItem on InventoryItem.TemplateItem = TemplateItem.InventoryID
Group By TemplateItem.InventoryID


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Thank you @smarenich. :) I will try this.


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