How to write code for get the mapping fields in entities screen in acumatica?

  • 19 October 2021
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Hi ,
Requirement: map the fields from acumatica to Big Commerce in Entities screen.


In the above screenshot I changed “source field” values. I want to get details from Export mapping tab .
where will I get this information and where can I write the code for this.


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8 replies

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@hemalathab13 the current process of connector, does not allow to export contacts as a customers, so there will be a significant customization in the connector.

However there is a partner of Acumatica who completed this already - so you should check with

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@hemalathab13 - you can contact them via our Marketplace -

If you have an account rep within BigCommerce, they can also put you in touch.
If you have any challenges, direct-message me here and I’ll be happy to help.

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Hi @hemalathab13 did you get the full mapping in Acumatica for B2B?

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@hemalathab13 I’m sorry, but I’m not fully understand your request. Could you please elaborate, why do you want to write a code? Why mapping does not work?

Hi @smarenich my requirement is in customer screen we have contacts ,that contacts will create like individual customers in big commerce .

In this requirement we need to do entity mapping .
In this mapping user will change source fields, so where this logic is written is big commerce core.

Okay @smarenich  Thank you so much for the fast reply. I will check and will work on this if I need any help or suggests I will ping in this community.

Hi @smarenich where  can I get this Bundle B2B package?

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@hemalathab13 since BundleB2B is a partner you need to contact them or Acumatica sales team to get access to package.

@josh.fischer may assist you.


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