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  • 13 December 2023
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Prior to Acumatica, we simply managed the “Continue selling when out of stock” designation in Shopify. Now, it seems Acumatica wants to impose it’s will at a global level across all products for this setting.

For 99% of our products, we want to NOT sell when out of stock. But, there are a handful that we DO. So, for those we’d like the “Continue Selling” checkbox to remain checked at all times so that when it does go out of stock, the customer can still buy it. 

See below from the Shopify Mapping Reference. I believe the setting I want is “Do Nothing” because that’s what I want I want Acumatica to do… Nothing (just leave Shopify alone). But, on the right, it seems to say that if the product goes to 0, then the checkbox is selected. But, I don’t want that to happen for the rest of my store. I’d like the ability to select that on a product by product basis. 



It looks like the field lives at the Stock Item Level in the Ecommerce tab. However, it says “Store Default” and is not editable. Is there a way to unlock that and manage it at a product level?





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3 replies

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Try this setup.


On the Shopify Stores form: 

Default Availability: Set as Available (Track Qty)

When Qty Unavailable: Set as Unavailable


For individual items that you don’t want to continue selling, on the Stock Items form:

Availability: Store Default

When Qty Unavailable: Store Default


For individual items that you want to continue selling, on the Stock Items form:

Availability: Set as Available (Track Qty)

When Qty Unavailable: Set as Pre-Order / Continue Selling


When Qty Unavailable = Do Nothing should keep the value of Continue selling… that you have in Shopify (e.g., if you update it directly in Shopify). I will look into the description.

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Also, you can change the value of When Qty Unavailable only if you set Availability to Set as Availalbe (Track Qty).

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@Nikolay Sobinov Awesome, thanks for the quick and clear answer. This worked like a charm! 😀


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