Best practices for variant/matrix updates (add/remove) between Acumatica and Bigcommerce?

  • 22 June 2021
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As a long time user of BigCommerce and a relatively new adopter of Acumatica, curious if anyone has developed a best practice for handling changes to product variants and getting those changes to sync properly between Acumatica and BigCommerce. 


Example: Product A initially set up with option for colors Green, Blue, and Red. Manufacturer drops Red and replaces with Yellow. 


Thus far I have tried a) removing the depreciated SKU as a matrix item from the template item and adding the new matrix SKU to the template and syncing - error, b) same process but deleting the depreciated SKU from BigCommerce first - error, and c) same process but deleting all SKU variants from BigCommerce first - error. To resolve a time sensitive issue, I essentially deleted the item from BigCommerce and started over by pushing the template w/ associated matrix items back to the store and updating key fields from a prior export, which is not a viable maintenance strategy. 


Any BC store owners have a good workflow for this sort of ongoing management? Adding items is straightforward and rather easy, but updating options (considering Acumatica controls all aspects of variants, thus eliminating any previous workflow solutions I developed) is proving more difficult. 


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@KarthikGajendran - Thanks for the suggested workflow and conditions. I’ve been able to test this to a positive result. The need to update the option value within BigCommerce before syncing the template item (with updated matrix/variants) was not obvious to me (given how Acumatica is driving option sets, broadly) and the piece I needed to make this work. 

To rephrase the steps to modifying a template item’s variants for the benefit of others:

  1. Modify option value from the parent product (template) in BigCommerce to reflect desired changes (ie, add or remove specific value(s)). 
  2. Modify matrix items in Acumatica to reflect desired changes (matching option values to those in BigCommerce).
  3. Sync appropriate template item to BigCommerce; desired changes should be reflected within Product Options > SKUs. 
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@Phil If you are exporting the Template Item from Acumatica to an existing Template Item(Product with variants) in BC, then below are the conditions. Please make sure the below conditions are satisfied and then export template items. 


Conditions to link Template Item from Acumatica with existing Product with Variants in BC:

  1. The Template Inventory ID from Acumatica should match with existing SKU code of BC Template item.
  2. The Variant Options from Acumatica should match with the existing BC Variant Options. Eg: If Color, Size in Acumatica then in BC it must be Color and Size. It cant be Color, Size, Brand.
  3. The Variant Values from Acumatica should match with the existing BC Variant values. Eg: If Red, Blue, Green exists in Acumatica it should Red, Blue, Green in BC. It cant be Red, Blue.
  4. The Matrix Inventory ID from Acumatica should match with existing SKU code of BC Child item. 
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@Phil Glad it worked. Thanks for rephrasing.


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