23R2 - Sales Order sync results in "The Company entity is not active. Activate it in the store settings." error

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Hi Team,

We configured Shopify store in Acumatica build version - 23.212.0024, while sync the Sales Order, we are facing issue “The Company entity is not active. Activate it in the store settings.” Shared the screenshot for reference

Can you please review and suggest the solution.


Thank you in advance!


Best answer by Yuri Karpenko 30 May 2024, 14:42

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Hi @arthia98,

Please check if Customer entity is active in Shopify Stores (BC201010).

Edit: Sorry, I meant Company.

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@arthia98 , if you’re using Shopify B2B, you would also want to activate the Company entity on the Shopify Stores screen.

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Hi @gabrielpaz86 / @Yuri Karpenko , In Shopify store - Entity Settings, we are not getting Company Entity, can you please hep on this.


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@arthia98 , in your original post, the store is Cars ShopifyNSB, and in your second post the store is Carstens SPSB. Moreover, you’re showcasing 2 different Acumatica URLs. Please check for the Cars ShopifyNSB from the original post. If you still don’t have the Company entity for Cars ShopifyNSB, let me ask you: do you have Companies in Shopify? (you can find them under the Customers menu item). If so, you should enable the Business-to-Business Entities in the Enable/Disable Features screen. This seems to be a sandbox environment, so you must have access to it.

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Hi @Yuri Karpenko , 

Tried in different build version with same store configuration, so shared different instance screenshots.

After enable Company entity we are able sync Orders, Thank you for your timely help and guidance!


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