Why the Date format is different when printing invoice and attaching invoice by "Notification template”?

  • 20 February 2021
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     For the SO643000.rpx, we are using Acumatica original logic to display the Date and Due date as below:

         It shows properly when print the invoice on the screen directly.

          However, when we are using “Notification template” to attach this report and email it to customers.
      It shows 2 and 3 instead of Feb and Mar, 

     Which we does not understand.

    because the rpx is exactly the same one

      Can somebody help me?



Best answer by Gabriel Michaud 23 February 2021, 19:09

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6 replies

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Hi @ray20,

I noticed Chinese in your report designer screenshot -- have you configured additional system locales/languages in Acumatica on the login screen?

If you’re using a scheduled process to run notifications it will run under the locale format configured for the admin user in the User Profile screen (SM.20.30.10):


Please verify this, as it might explain the issue you’re seeing...

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Hello  @Gabriel Michaud 
  Thank you for giving me the right direction. It does have something to do with the “Locales”/”Multiple Languages”. But I was not able to solve the problem.

      I tried the combinations of Admin’s locale and report localizable setting.

      It makes no difference.

      Which shows “Feb” when printing directly

     shows “2” when attaching to template.



      By the way, the “2” is actually “2月” with the Chinese characters “月” missing when choosing “Arial” as the font,if chossing Microsoft Yahei as the Font, people would see the “月”, which means “Month” in English.


      So the question turns to

Why format “MMM” is tranlated to English Format when printing directly on page

while “MMM” is translated to Chinese Format when attaching.

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    I’ve researched on some materials.
It might be our Acumatica is installed on a Chinese version Windows and .net framework.

Acumatica can handle it when printing from Screen.
There might be something missing when print behind the screen (in attachment way).

     If it can be a quick fix, I hope Acumatica devlopment team can enhance it.

    Also, to save others time, I can change the format in SO643000
from dd-MMM-YYYY
to  MM/dd/yyyy
then I can get rid of characters.

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你好 Ray,

It will probably best to file a support case with them to ensure it gets escalated to engineering.


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@Gabriel Michaud ,   Thank Gabriel, your Chinese is great.:grinning:
I did submit a case.
Somehow,    I  just changed the data format in the invoice rpx from "dd-MMM-yyyy" to "MM/dd/yyyy".
And in this way, we get rid of this issue.

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@ray20 that explains it -- MMM will be a 3 letter abbreviation of the month name (at least for languages using latin script). For Chinese this probably gets outputted as 2月 instead of Feb.

By using MM your are only going to get two digits, which works around the issue you have :)



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