White space left between boxes in report designer

  • 5 June 2023
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I’m trying to make a form in report designer that has text in boxes.  The problem is that there are tiny gaps and the lines of adjacent boxes don’t touch leaving a gap of white space.  This method worked fine in the header section, but in the detail section I cannot get this gap closed.

It looks good in report designer showed below.

I have tried increasing the size by the smallest amount, but then report designer shows it in error.

The form is covered in boxes and this looks sloppy.

Any thoughts on how to overcome this?  I’ve tried panels with broders and have the same problem.

Again, this worked fine in the header section which makes no sense to me.

I am just putting borders on these text boxes to create my printed boxes.




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7 replies

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Additional information:

I copied 2 boxes that were displaying properly in the header section of the report.

I put them in the detail section of the report and they have the white space between the boxes.

Location, size, etc. are exactly the same but it doesn’t display properly in the detail section.


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Is the issue same after publishing in HTML or PDF formats ?
Bcs It is working fine for me.



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Hi @ltussing03  Please try to move the Textbox using Ctrl + Left/Right Arrow (Keyboard key) so that Textbox controls will move with very slow, so that you adjust these kind of gaps.


Hope this helps! 

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Hi @ltussing03 

@ThasinduRanasinghe61 was correct. Ensure that the size of both text fields is the same and do not override them. If the fields are overridden, it will result in an error.




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Thanks for the responses everyone!

Holding down control and using the arrows helped.

I still have a few gaps in the overall form.  But it is better.

I have found when you have a form full of boxes, you just have to play with them.

Setting the border on one side or top of adjacent boxes and turning it off on the other makes a dramatic difference in how it is displayed.  There are simply some instances where it cannot be corrected to eliminate gaps and the lines from adjacent boxes just don’t quite meet the next boxes border.


Thanks again for taking the time to respond!


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I find when copy/pasting multiple boxes using the control and left/right arrows to move them as a collective helps the spacing uniform.

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I wanted to add another solution to this as the CTRL-Arrows didn’t work for me.  I used a panel box and put the fields inside of it.  That fixed it right up.

I also ensured the size of the box and the location of the next box matched.  Example:  TextBox1 width was 40 and location was 0,0 and TextBox2 had a location of 41,0.  If you had 40,0 it was overlapping. 




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