Use Master Calendar checkbox on ARM Report

  • 5 February 2021
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Does anyone know if this Use Master Calendar checkbox on the Report Definitions (CS206000) screen does anything?


I have a Company where the Financial Period ID 11-2020 is mapped to the Master Calendar Period ID 02-2021 in the Company Financial Calendar (GL201100) screen:


If I make an entry for $60 to period 11-2020:


Then I create a report with the Use Master Calendar checkbox unchecked, the $60 appears when I run the report for period 11-2020 which is what I would expect:


Then I check the Use Master Calendar checkbox and relaunch the report. But I get the same $60 result in period 11-2020. I was expecting it to be empty because I was expecting to have to run the report for period 02-2021 to see the $60. But when I run the report for period 02-2021, it’s empty which is not what I was expecting.


It makes me wonder if the Use Master Calendar checkbox actually does anything or maybe it just got added to the screen with the functionality coming in a future version.


I did my testing in Acumatica 2020 R2 (20.206.0011).


Does anyone know if the Use Master Calendar checkbox actually does anything?

1 reply

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I should also mention that I have Centralized Period Management unchecked and Multiple Calendar Support checked in the Enable/Disable Features (CS100000) screen.


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