Unwanted page break ARM reports

  • 20 June 2022
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Hi eveyone, 


I am getting some unwanted page breaks on my ARM reports and I have not set any page break.


The page break is added when I print it as A4 - landscape or portrait formats. 

Any ideas on why this is happening? 





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7 replies

Hey did you figure this out? I have the same issue and cannot see where to stop it!

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HI @patriciabatisti2  and @taranjitgill 

A few things to look at on your ARM reports:

  1. On your report definition, what is the Page Settings?


  1. On your column set, what is the Font Size? That sometimes has an effect on the reports and printing
  1. Also on the Column Sets, do you have the Page Break checked or unchecked? This is check box that indicates (if selected) that a page break should be inserted after the column in the printed report.
  1. On the Row Sets, are you Suppressing Empty and Hiding Zeros?


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@patriciabatisti2 Did this issue get resolved for you?

Typically when you are seeing blank pages it is because of what @kbeatty21 described with the page sizes mismatching and the resulting extra space, either on the side or below gets shifted to next page and creates a blank page.

Many of Acumatica default report printing configurations place the page size as A4 instead of Letter, this will make a difference when trying to print as these are slightly different sizes and can force trailing space into a separate page.

Let us know if you managed to find a workaround for this, thanks!

Hey @kbeatty21


To clarify, the biggest issue is once I export the file to excel, there are repeating headers (the blue filled

rows), and you can see here from the page break in Acumatica (2nd pic)

where ever the report in Acumatica cuts off, from not being able to display all rows, is where the page break/headers repeat. This is useful when viewing on Acumatica to have a similar ability to “freeze rows” in excel and maintain a view of the headers, however when exporting the report to Excel, the repeating headers are completely unnecessary and randomly break the report at the row in which the view cuts off on Acumatica. 

Here’s a close up example of it repeating the headers in the middle of my Overhead expenses on the report:

I do not think font size affects this as I have tried tinkering with it, none of the rows have a page break box checked on, and all lines that are supposed to be visible are not suppressed or hidden. I tried moving from A4 to Letter, and it made no impact on the repeating headers. 


I need the repeating headers to stop auto-populating when I export a report to an excel file. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated. TYIA

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Hi @taranjitgill - were you able to find a solution? Thank you!

@Chris Hackett Hey Chris, thank you for following up, I was not able to figure out a solution nor was anyone able to help me with an answer unfortunately. If this is something you or someone you know may be able to help, please do let me know - I appreciate it nonetheless! 😀

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Row sets is one more place a page break can be set.



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