Trying to add text to stock email template, while it saves, it isn't showing up when I go to email it out.

  • 21 September 2021
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I am trying to use stock email notification templates, in this case one is the InvoiceNotification, All I am wanting to do is add our email and direct phone number in the text. Just adding on to the current sentence that they have in the stock. It saves fine but when i go through the invoice - print - send, it doesn’t come through there for some reason. i have made sure that i am adjusting the correct template that is being called and all the dots seem to be connected to call this but it just won’t show the new wording. what am i missing? seems like it would be some quick setting but i can’t find it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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I had the same issue, apparently in a recent upgrade the report needs to be somehow tied to the notification template, ands its done in the report designer.

Hopefully someone will know the exact details.

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@Tony  look at this post for more information: 

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Hello Tony,

Invoice > Print > Send uses the Report Configuration (so the notification needs to be configured inside the report by using report designer.

When using Actions > Send Email (such as on a PO or SO record - without printing), this uses the Customer/Vendor mailing settings, and the notification template configured for that.

We have quite a few really great KB articles that goes over this.

This KB goes over process as a whole: 


This KB goes over how to configure this in Report Designer (Report > Print > Send):


This KB goes over how to configure this using Mailing Settings (Actions > Send Email):


Can anyone provide more information on this? I run Acu for my company, but I swear this software makes life as difficult as possible to get anything accomplished. I need to send invoices and I cannot figure out how to edit the default template, since - crazy enough, it’s not ‘Email Templates’. Then the links above I apparently don’t have access to as the administrator, and should but complete controller of the acumatica. But...such is Acumatica life. Any guidance before I ‘uninstall’? Thanks! 

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Hi @bscharp - You may want to post your query as a new question for more visibility, since this one is a couple years old. You can always reference this post in your question. Additionally, you’re signed in as a “registered guest” which won’t get you access to customer and partner only areas such as the KBs mentioned. This access is controlled by Acumatica CRM so you would need to have your partner/business administrator add you to your business account with this this email information. Then they can setup your user information to gain access.


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