The "Is Null" in report designer visibility setting does not work, then how can I filter the data I want?

  • 29 December 2020
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Thanks to Gabriel’s help. I can get the data I want in GI using a second filter.  like below:


  The key in the join condition is that “INitemsitehistday” might only have qty in record,no sales record

     So if “left join” used, might get a joined line with INitemsitehistday.Sdate as Null.


This filter out  is working well in GI.
However if I would like to apply the same kind of second filter by using the visibility section setting in report Designer. 
The “ Or [INItemSiteHistDay.SDate] Is Null” does not work.


Then can somebody help me to get the data I want in Report designer?

1, Not sold in 90 days

2, never sold, which left join get a NULL value


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3 replies

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Hello, all,

([INItemSiteHistDay.SDate] = Null)   is working

So remember in Report design, should use ‘=’ not ‘is’

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Hi @ray20 Have you tried using something like IsNull() or INItemSiteHistDay.SDate=Null or ‘’?


Hi Ray

You can try do one of the following in Report Designer:

  1. Add the two conditions to the Report Filters (Schema Builder>Filters) or, if that doesn’t work, try
  2. Add the two conditions to the Relationship Data Links (Schema Builder>Relationships) for that specific join.

Then yoiu can remove the VisibleExp condition.


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