Standard Invoice forms do not print contact

  • 28 November 2022
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The standard AR invoice and the Sales Order Invoice both have a place to print the contact.

However, this does not seem to work.  I printed many invoices out of the standard sales demo to confirm that contact is never printed.

I have been playing around with my own copy of the 2 invoice forms and am having difficulty getting contact information to print on the form.

If I am correct (and I could be wrong, it did happen once back in the 90’s) and the standard forms are broken, I am assuming someone has already worked this out.

Any thoughts?



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7 replies

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Are you referring to the report SO641010.rpx? What version of Acumatica ERP are you using?

I just ran this report on a SalesDemo image and the report prints out the FOR: SHIP TO: BILL TO: contacts and the contact reference in the to right of the header. (For: contact name)

So what contact info are you referring to? Please include report #.rpx and the specific fields not printing.

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Thanks for the reply!

Yes, SO641010 and AR641000.

I am working on the SO one right now.

What document ID are you successfully seeing contact on the form?

For example, AR011270 does not print the contact on either SO641010 or AR641000 for me out of the demo.

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Acumatica 2022R1 is the version I am working in.

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Hi @ltussing03! I wanted to make sure I understand what you are referencing, as it seems the out of the box reports in the Sales Demo data don’t have an issue displaying the data off the SO Contact:

I see where there could be some confusion if you are looking for the Contact name instead of the company name, but the address is the contact address off the SO:

The reason it displays the Company name still is that expression on the SO report is calling in the Contact FullName, which is the Account Name on the contact sheet:

Is that what you are seeing? Or is that section of the printed report just blank?

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The contact is just blank on the printed form.  This is for invoices.


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@ltussing03 that report is the Sales Invoice report and it is coming off the ARInvoice table, which does not have the contact pulled from the Sales Order.

The contact table in AR will probably pull off the SalesPerson table as it looked like from my testing.

So you would need to create a new link from Customer to Contact, give it a Child Alias and then use this to get the email instead of the current value there.

Let me know if this works for you also!

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Thanks again for the reply Ben!

I will continue to play with this.

You seem to be confirming that the standard report file for invoices is broken.  

This seems really odd that this is the first time anyone noticed.


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