Retrieving all Sales Prices, including expired, from Sales Price Inquiry

  • 6 October 2021
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We recently had the unpleasant surprise of discovering that the default behavior of the Sales Prices Inquiry screen and web service has changed between 2020 R1 and 2021 R1.

We used to query the API for all sales prices with no EffectiveAsOf date specified, and would get back all prices for all Effective Dates, including expired prices.

Now, all API requests default to returning only prices that are EffectiveAsOf the current date.

We whipped up an emergency GI to serve this purpose, but I would prefer to use the built in Sales Prices Inquiry, if possible.

Is there a way we can get the old behavior back? I have tried API requests with no EffectiveAsOf date, a null EffectiveAsOf date, and an empty string, but it always comes back with today’s date in the response, and prices missing.

Thanks in advance for any insight.



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4 replies

Hi John, did you manage to get this list? I have the same requirment.

Hi fbuffa2003,

We are still using the Generic Inquiry and Web Service Endpoint that we created to resolve the crisis, and truthfully it’s been fine.

Thanks I will try to do the same.

John, in your case with the generic inquiry. How are you getting the array with all the fields in the API? Something to setup for that?



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