Reporting Tools What Do You Use?

  • 13 June 2022
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OK I know there are “Generic Inquires”, “Reports” and all of the  fun Acumatica “native” features but when it comes to BI and analytics deep dives what do you all use? I also would be interested in seeing a reference of some type that would help an end user utilize data in the correct way (if that is even a thing).

I have looked At power BI and some others. I am not looking so much to make pretty graphs but looking to easily slice and manipulate data quickly and efficiently.  

While I know i can do this via SQL I need a platform for non developer types. 



8 replies

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We just got DataSelf which is basically a pre-mapped Tableau. We haven’t done the training for it yet but I was able to manipulate the data pretty simply. It wasn’t perfect out of the box and needed some data updated specifically to not view a Credit Memo amount as a positive sale. 


We also use Velixo but this only allows a simple way to pull out data from generic inquiries that are created. It does allow the data to be filtered, refreshed, emailed and other handy features but it’s more of a time saver for us and less of an easier way to manipulate the data. 

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Thanks I was looking at both of those products. Let me know how the data self is after training. (If you think about it). Your feedback is pretty much what my interpretation was of the products. Thanks 

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@astormo12 - I would be interested to know how your journey with DataSelf is going now that you are two months into the implementation.  We are looking at DataSelf for one of our clients.  Thank you, Mike

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@cmoreland Have you tried using the ODataV4 filters applied to the URL of the GI so that the data brought in via OData is already filtered and sorted?

May work best in conjunction with some Excel tools like Velixo but it can speed up extracting the data you’re looking for

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Hi @astormo12, was the CM issue fixed during your DataSelf Quality Assurance process? The DataSelf out-of-the-box comes with an extensive Acumatica pre-mapping heavy-lifting done, it’s not perfect and its an ever-evolving process. A main point of DataSelf is providing users with a well-developed BI solution as the starting point, and as importantly, providing the tools, templates and support so users can easily customize it. FYI, I sent a request to our templates development team to review the CM issue (I know that in prior template versions CMs were negative as part of the Sales measure and positive as part of Returns).


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@cmoreland It’s going great. Still working some issues out with data validation which is honestly due to a lack me prioritizing it in my schedule. We still need to start working on the data security side of things. If your customer does go with DataSelf, make sure that Two Factor Authentication is in the agreement because their financial data should be as secure as possible and we will now pay $$ after realizing that it wasn’t included in our SOW. 

@jgirardi05 The credit memo mapping was a quick fix for DataSelf. We were also able to add a custom Attribute GI for our items that we had created and get sales analytics for item characteristics. Specifically this has already helped determine which colors and sizes to have on in stores displays in certain regions based on online sales. 

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@astormo12  Thanks for the feedback! Our MFA (Multi-factor Authentication) is a one-time consulting service fee, and it does NOT affect our license subscription pricing as long as it uses your own MFA framework (such as Azure, Google or Duo). Our SOW template has SSO/MFA labelled as “recommended”, but many clients don’t opt in.

Hey @cmoreland @mlupro87 ! We have an Acumatica connector for our analytics platform: We support 500+ different sources in addition to Acumatica (e.g. Hubspot, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Shopify, WooCommerce, etc.), so you can merge your Acumatica data with your other key sources of data.

Another nice thing: We have natural language querying that lets you ask specific questions and get the answer back (e.g. “what items are low on inventory right now that we’ve been selling a lot of?”)


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