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  • 24 October 2021
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Before my sales order reports would not display a line space if there is no data in address 2 or address 3 fields but now it display a empty line and it bumps the rest of the data down.  Is there anyway to correct this issue?




Best answer by Naveen Boga 26 October 2021, 15:18

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Hi @Nelson Yip  The BILL To and SHIP To address fields has a iif Condition that controls adding the new line when the Addressline2 line does not have values. Please confirm if you have changed the report to reflect the Addressline 3 field? If so, please review the formula, it should be corrected on the fields.



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Hi @Nelson Yip Also, can please copy the formula on the fields and paste it here.

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Hi @ChandrasekharM 

This is the formula in Bill To.


+IIf([BillingAddress.City]<>null,        [BillingAddress.City]+', ', '')
+IIf([BillingAddress.State]<>null,       [BillingAddress.State]+' ','')
+IIf([BillingAddress.PostalCode]<>null,  [BillingAddress.PostalCode],'')
+IIf([BillingAddress.City]<>null OR [BillingAddress.State]<>null OR [BillingAddress.PostalCode]<>null,'{br}','') 
+IIf([BillingAddress.CountryID]<>null,   [BillingAddress.CountryID_Country_Description], '')
+IIf([BillingContact.Attention]<>null,   '{br}' + 'Attn: ' + [BillingContact.Attention], '')
+IIf([BillingContact.Phone1]<>null, '{br}' + 'Phone: ' + [BillingContact.Phone1], '')
+IIf([BillingContact.Fax]<>null, '{br}' + 'Fax: ' + [BillingContact.Fax], '')

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I guess the IIF statement is not working property on 2021 R2.

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This works by replacing null with ‘’, is this new for 2021 R2 or this is a bug?



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@Nelson Yip Its better to check with both Null and empty conditions to avoid the issue in further. 

+IIf([BillingAddress.AddressLine2]<>’’ OR [BillingAddress.AddressLine2]<>null,[BillingAddress.AddressLine2]+'{br}','')
+IIf([BillingAddress.AddressLine3]<>’’  OR [BillingAddress.AddressLine3]<>null,[BillingAddress.AddressLine3]+'{br}','')


Happy Coding!

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Hi @Nelson Yip   We had the same problem in our client report and we resolved it. Please find the formula below for reference.

=IIf([ShippingContact.FullName]<> '' , IIf([ShippingContact.FullName]<> null,[ShippingContact.FullName]+'{br}','') ,'')
+IIf([ShippingContact.Attention]<> '', IIf([ShippingContact.Attention]<> null,[ShippingContact.Attention]+'{br}','') ,'')
+IIf([ShippingAddress.AddressLine1]<> '', IIf([ShippingAddress.AddressLine1]<> null,[ShippingAddress.AddressLine1]+'{br}','') ,'')
+IIf([ShippingAddress.AddressLine2]<> '', IIf([ShippingAddress.AddressLine2]<> null,[ShippingAddress.AddressLine2]+'{br}','') ,'')
+IIf([ShippingAddress.AddressLine3]<> '', IIf([ShippingAddress.AddressLine3]<> null,[ShippingAddress.AddressLine3]+'{br}','') ,'')
+IIf([ShippingAddress.City]<>null, [ShippingAddress.City]+' ',' ')
+IIf([ShippingAddress.State]<>null, [ShippingAddress.State]+' ',' ')
+IIf([ShippingAddress.PostalCode]<>null, [ShippingAddress.PostalCode],'')
+IIf([ShippingAddress.City]<>null OR [ShippingAddress.State]<>null OR [ShippingAddress.PostalCode]<>null,'{br}','')
+IIf([ShippingAddress.CountryID]<>null, [ShippingAddress.CountryID_Country_Description]+'{br}','')


Hope this helps!!

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Thanks for the help on this @Naveen B  as we also have the same problem.  Now I get to spend the next week making fixes to all our reports (most of them out of the box).

I can’t figure out why acumatica doesn’t have these fixes themselves so the customers don’t have to spend all this extra work and money making fixes like these, that I personally think they shouldn’t have, considering it is supposed to be enterprise software.  I am trying not to vent, but these little things are what I think makes the difference in software that is just trying to get sales rather than trying to be the best in their category. 

Sorry for rant.  This community is the best support and we rely on it heavily as the answer and fix is usually already on here by the members.  Great job.


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