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  • 4 March 2021
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Hello everyone 


I need your help :(( I can’t find a way to add the reference Id to my parameters in GL63CG01

We want to be able to filter with the reference Id (Customer/Vendor) in addition to the Account. I added to the list of parameters but it won’t show on the screen when editing the report. 


I’ve copied the same setting as the AccountCD but it’s not working :’( 

Any ideas ? 





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If you have the visible check box selected, you should see the prompts when you go to run the report. 
The parameters will be in the Expression Editor under the parameters, after the Globals choice. 

You can build the conditions to include the parameters you are passing in.  

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@wfilipiak67 ; thanks for the answer 


However, that’s exactly what I did (scrennshot in my first message) But the filed won’t show on the parameters 

It works with other fields; I have the problem with ReferenceId only 


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Hi @NAWRES ! Sometimes the field does not really have a schema which can be pulled using this expression, Report.GetFieldSchema(), but in this case when I check the Journal Entry screen I do not have the ability to edit the Customer/Vendor field.

Fields which are read-only can’t really be used as parameter due to the fact that they aren’t able to be manipulated in the software, but there could still be a couple workarounds.

You can try using something like the BAccount table which can pull both customers and vendors, then in the filter conditions just match the GLTran.ReferenceID to the parameter value in the filters.

Alternatively, you can just leave it as a blank field which can have the customer or vendor typed in manually, then use this in the filters as described above, though I imagine having a selector to click the entity is what is needed, so the first option would likely be the better one.

Sometimes you can get away with just using =[GLTran.ReferenceID] instead of using the Report.GetFieldSchema() and it will work better, but it needs to be tested and in this case I’m pretty sure it still wouldn’t work due to the behavior of the field on the Journal Entry screen.

Let me know if these options work out, thanks!


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