Is it possible to have subtotals AND grand totals in a GI?

  • 3 November 2021
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We powdercoat most of our sales orders and have an attribute called COLOUR on the UDF that allows me to build a GI for our days work. 


I'd like to be able to have subtotals in the middle of my GI so that, for example, on a day when we coat more than one colour we can see how many of each colour we have to do, as well as a grand total for the day. I have it working for the grand total using the aggregate function but not sure how to approach this question about the sub totals.


@Naveen B or @Tim Rodman this might be one for the pros? :)


Warning... A good ol fashioned hand sketch below




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@DanielStarke  As per my knowledge, calculating the Sub Totals for the few records and showing at the middle of GI is NOT possible with the default Acumatica Generic Inquiry.


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+1 on liking the hand sketch.

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Hi @DanielStarke,

you might want to add a Pivot to your GI and have subtotals by Attribute in there.

Here is a simple example to give you an idea » in this GI we look at the total SO Amounts per Customer). Hope, this helps.


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If you don’t need to see the individual SO details then you could group on your Color attribute and use both the Aggregate and Total Aggregate columns to calculate the totals by group and the grand total at the bottom.  I did a simple example using the SOOrder status:

If you do need the details of each Sales Order, then another option would be to do this in a report.  Not quite as interactive as a GI, but a report can still include hyperlinks (for example to drill down into the Sales Orders), and you would have much more formatting control.



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