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  • 20 November 2023
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We have a number of International customers that utilized Customs Brokers. That data is currently being imported from Macola/Synergy as a textfield. What table(s) associated with the customer would that data be imported into so that it populates a modified Invoice. I’ve seen other references to Brokers, Customs, but so far nothing about where that data may reside.


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If I understand your question correctly, a custom text field was already created in Acumatica, to hold the Custom Broker data. Correct? 

Where is the custom textfield created to hold the Broker information located?  What kind of text field was added (UDF? Attribute?  True Custom field added by a developer?)? It helps us to answer your question, to know details about the Broker field.

Attributes and UDF’s are automatically included as new fields in the table where they were added.  For example, if I add an Attribute called Broker and I connect my new Attribute to the Customer Class, then I can edit the Invoice form with Acumatica Report Designer, open Customer table, see the Broker field and the Broker field to my modified invoice.

UDF’s have the same behavior as Attributes but are added in different places. If I add a UDF called Broker to the Invoice form then I can edit the Invoice form with Acumatica Report Designer, open ARInvoice table, see the Broker field and the Broker field to my modified invoice.

If you don’t see the new Broker Attribute or UDF in Acumatica Report Designer, Refresh your report tables in Schema Builder.

If your custom text field is a “real” custom field added by a developer, then a developer will need to come along and add instructions for including your custom Broker field in the Invoice report.



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There, in Macola 10 is a textfield10 that we have used for customs/broker data. That data field, along with others in the table, has been pulled into Acumatica to populate whatever default table and field that data normally gets populated by the export/import process. The field that holds that data was not specially made, it is just part of the process. My thought is that somewhere in one of the Customer tables the broker/customs information is there, I’m just not sure where.

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There is no one default table that data is imported to:  we import into many, many fields & tables when we migrate our clients’ data. There is no standard “Broker” field in Acumatica Customer screens.

Ask the person who imported the data (your VAR?), where did they import the Broker field.  You could review Import Scenarios - but this could be difficult for you if you are not familiar with import scenarios and don’t first have an idea into what screen the data might have been imported.

Can you see the Broker field on any screens?  (Is it located on Attribute tab of Customers?) If you can find/see the Broker field, then any user with Customizer role can click Customize → inspect element and then click on the Broker field to see the Table/field name. Then you will know which Table/field name to add to your Invoice report.


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Hello again,

I’m still thinking about your question.

It may help me guess where the Broker was imported if you explain what a Broker is and what the Broker’s relationship to the customer is.

Is a Broker a Parent to the customer? Parent customers are imported to Acumatica as Customers, then linked to their children on Billing tab of Customer screen, Parent Account field:

Is the Broker a Parent to the child customer?

Another way to capture (import) customer relationships is using Locations tab of customers.  Is the Broker a Location of the customer?  Is the customer a Location of the Broker?  If so, look at Locations tab.

Could the Broker be a Contact that is linked on the Contacts tab of the customer?

Could the Broker be a Salesperson that was imported to the Salespersons screen and linked to the Salespersons tab of your customer?

Mentioned before, the Broker could be an Attribute, linked to the Attributes tab of customer:

Is the Broker a Location, Contact, Salesperson or Attribute on Customer screen?

Customers may also be extended as Vendors.  Is it possible the Broker represents the customer when it’s extended as a vendor?

I hope these ideas help you find where the Broker has been imported so that you may add the Broker to your invoices.

It’s possible the Broker information has not yet been migrated to your customer accounts.  I found your idea posted in the Acumatica Community (twice).  Please Vote here:



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Customs Brokers help facilitate the goods and paperwork for International shipments. I was able to see, in the *.csv file where the Customs Broker data is (textfield10), but I will have to reach out to our VAR as there is no immediate indication of where data was imported to. I have all rights of admin, including the Report Designer, and Customizer. I’ve also checked all tabs of the customer card (locations, etc) so the only recourse if to reach out to our VAR.


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