how to parse a multi-selector field to get descriptions for each field part

  • 17 August 2021
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Hi, We have a field that allows for multiple codes to be selected. These codes are attached to descriptions in a table. There can be up to 20 codes in the field and the codes have differing lengths.

The field ends up looking like COC; DC & CT; First Article Samples 

My task is to have the descriptions associated with each segment print on the PO form. 

I am unsure of how to process the field to get the descriptions. or how to do the join to the table that has the description. 

Any assistance will be appreciated!


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3 replies

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Hi @wfilipiak67 ! For this issue it might help to see screenshots of the issue you’re experiencing as when I add a Multi Select Combo type attribute to a screen and display the results on the associated printed form, it displays as expected.

Here is the attribute I created with simple Value and Description:

From here I added this to the AR Invoice screen:

Then when I call this field into the printed form, I see these descriptions:

Is there a different description you’re looking to display?

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@BenjaminCrisman , using an attribute is a neat trick.
The issue was that the field & tables are custom in the PO entry, They can select a variety of codes. the codes end up in the custom field.

The field looks like: COC; DC ; CT

so i needed to get each piece of the field to access the table to get the descriptions.  

We had one of our developers create a field to store the descriptions!

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@wfilipiak67 That makes sense! Custom fields/tables would require this to be added in as well. Glad you guys were able to get this taken care of.


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