How to modify existing report to display an image based off the inventory ID stock item description?

  • 12 April 2024
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We have a production ticket report for production of canned beverages.

There are 50+ product specifications. These are 1 page documents/images.


Is there a good way to display a specific product spec that is pulled from the inventory ID stock item description and matched with the 1 page image?

The only way I can think to do this is have 50+ sections with visibleExpr that would each display the image only if the statement below was true:
=iif([InventoryItem.ItemClassID_description] = 'BERRY LEMONADE', 'TRUE',


This would require a lot of work to set up and maintain 50+ image files.

If these product specs were to change every month or so, what would be the best way to update or set up these reports? Would a database setup allow for the image files to change without having to change anything in the report?



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Hi @dylantheriault ,

You can retrieve an attribute value from the stock item by joining on the CSAnswers table.  Join on InventoryItem.NoteID to CSAnswers.RefNoteID.  You also need to include the Attribute code in the join because a stock item can have multiple attributes.  Reference [CSAnswers.Value] on the image control.

Hope this helps!


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Something like
=[AMProdMatl.ImageUrl] or


Maybe? @lauraj46 

Thanks for your help.

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Hi @lauraj46 I tried following this but a bit stuck.


In my case,

I have a production order.

On the production order the inventory ID goes to a Stock Item for the specific liquid flavour/product. 


  1. Save the filename in the description field the item class (this I can not do, as the production order description calls a specific sub-report in the main production ticket report.)

Is there anyway instead to pull the image file from the Stock Item Attributes screen, this would then be added to the production details in report designer to call the specific product spec jpg. image based on the specific stock item?

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Hi @dylantheriault ,

I think you could do it like this:

  1. Attach the image files inside of Acumatica to a specific non-stock item or some other entity. 
  2. Use the universal search to copy the exact filename to the clipboard.
  3. Save the filename in the description field the item class
  4. Reference that field on the image control in the Report Designer.

In the screenshots below I used the description on the Sales Order itself, but you should be able to use the item class instead.






Hope this helps!



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