How to link document (SO/PO/etc) to EPApproval table to get doc approval date

  • 1 September 2021
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I’m looking for any insight into how best to get the approval date for a document. I’m currently working on getting the approval date for a PO, but I would think it would be the same for an SO eventually. Approved date looks to be in the EPApproval table, and I’m not sure how to link the PO to the EPApproval table to grab the approval date for the document. There is a refNoteID field in EPApproval that contains the po type and po number in the same field, and I can’t get it to link to that field. Anyone successfully pulled approval date before and can share how? Thanks!


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3 replies

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Replying to myself :-) but this information will be useful to others. I created an inquiry to help me understand this better.

The EPApproval record gets created once a record is awaiting approval and the ApprovedByID is populated once the approval has happened.  So the existence of the record on it’s own is not proof that an approval has taken place.

Also - very NB.  If a document goes back on hold, it will need to be approved again.  In that case, you want to find the last approval record (because it can be approved more than once) and make sure the approved boolean is true.

This formula will show you if the document is approved or not, and by who:

= IIf((len([EPApproval.ApprovedByID_description]) > 0) and [SOOrder.Approved],[EPApproval.ApprovedByID_description],'NOT APPROVED!')

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I’m using this functionality to create a list of approvals for Sales Orders. My query is as follows:


When I filter on type “QT”, I’m only getting 5 approved sales order quotes:



But in reality there are 14 approved quotes:



Is there a more reliable way to get this data?


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Hi @hayleehicks18  
Use the DAC EPApproval and join based on RefNoteID with NoteID field in POOrder DAC.



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