how to identify Report is from Customization Projects or save to server?

  • 20 July 2023
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I want to identify the report file for upgrade version.
because if you have upgraded the version, the report that saves to report will not go to the upgrade


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I don’t know of any way to tell where a report originates from, except to to tell you to look through your customization packages. Since putting reports in customization packages can cause a lot of headaches, especially if the report is changed periodically, I would recommend not putting them in a customization package, unless absolutely necessary. The reports can just be saved directly to the server via the Report Designer and they will live there happily ever after.

Also, reports can be removed from customization packages after the packages have been published, and they will continue to live happily in the site as well.

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Hi @abdi! To follow up with what Daryl mentioned, if you have the Report Designer role on your user you can navigate to the report in question and see by checking the ‘Report Versions’ tab to see if the report has been customized.

If there are any versions listed then these are custom versions of the original report and any report brought in from outside the original install will not allow you to deselect an active version.

For stock Acumatica reports you can deselect the Active version of a report and it will revert to the canned format, but If you deselect the Active flag and it errors stating that a version needs to be active, this means that the report was saved to the site and there is no default version of this report, meaning it’s custom report.

When you upgrade a site, say from 21 R2 to 23 R1, then the base reports are updated, but the customized version is not, but you can deactivate the custom version you will see the upgraded stock report.


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