How do I make a GI open in full screen and hide the top menu?

  • 29 October 2021
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I want to be able to put a GI up on a big screen in the office and not have the menu and headers showing.


for example, if i wanted to hide all that i have scribbled on red below, and just keep the main table, is there a way?




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7 replies

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Hi @DanielStarke  You can collapse the left side menu panel but I don’t think we can hide the top menu. 

Here is the screenshots.


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By collapsing to the top and then going into Full Screen (F11) you get very good utilization of the screen real estate. @Naveen B - this might be useful for others. 


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I would love to know if it would be possible to change the setting to permanently collapse the menu to the top in some sort of setting as well. It would save me time daily so I don’t have to collapse every morning when I start my day :)

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@Calvin I don’t think there is a setting to have collapsed be a default option unfortunately. This could be a great candidate for a product idea!

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Hello @Calvin ,

I find that if I collapse my menu to the top, and after making this change I use my Browser to create a shortcut, the menu stays collapsed when I open from the shortcut. This default collapsed may be specific to my browser; I’m using Firefox. HTH

  1. Collapse to top
  2. Favorite/Save shortcut.
  3. Use Shortcut to open Acumatica


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Hi @laura01

This is an amazing hack! It seems to work great by making a shortcut. 

Thank you for suggesting!


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