How can we set a period in the Generic Inquiry ?

  • 20 February 2023
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I want to add the navigation on my custom generic inquiry to the existing Account Details GL404000. How can I set the period filter in the Account details based on the parameters of my custom inquiry which have a ToDate and FromDate as parameters.

So I want to get the relevant period from my parameters to pass for Account Details


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Hi! There’s a table called “FinPeriod” in which yo have the period Identifier and the period Start and End Dates.


If I understand correctly, you can join with that table when your report date is greater or equal that FinPeriod.StartDate and less or equal to FinPeriod.EndDate


That will give you a field that you can call “Start Period” and “End Period” and you can send those as parameters to the Account Detail screen.


Does that make sense to you?

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@miguel80 I don’t want to join the period table. I have a parameter ToDate and FromDate I want to get the effective period of those two dates and pass that to StartPeriodID (form filter) and EndPeriodID (form filter) respectively, for the screen GL404000.

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If you join the FinPeriod table you will get those fields that you need to send. Alternatively, if the periods match the month and year, you can always extract the month and year form your parameters and concatenate them in the proper order:

02/20/2023 -→  =Concat(PadLeft(CStr(Month([ARInvoice.DocDate])),2,'0'),CStr(Year([ARInvoice.DocDate]))) = 022023

Use your parameters instead of ARInvoice.DocDate


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