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  • 29 November 2023
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Hello all.

I’m very new to Acumatica. I’m wanting to evaluate the sales order line item’s line type to determine if the line is a stock or non-stock inventory item to perform various sums.

How do I best determine if the sales order line item is stock or non-stock? I’m currently evaluating SOLine.LineType. My report displays “Goods for Inventory” or “Non-Inventory Goods”, yet my formula “=IIf( [SOLine.LineType] = 'Goods for Inventory', 'Y', 'N')” displays “N” for every record.

In the screenshot, I’m actually wanting to achieve the commented section.


My apologies, I submitted and should have changed the subject. Editing doesn’t allow me to change the subject.

Thanks in advance for any and all assistance.


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@jsfink When using formulas, you need to use the database value instead of the UI value.
In this case, the value would be ‘GI’.

One workaround to find the corresponding DB value would be to create a generic inquiry, group the table by the desired column and add the field in a formula.


Add table:

Group table:

 Add desired column:





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