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  • 20 February 2024
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Hello everyone,

What is the proper syntax in the Generic Inquiry builder to evaluate if the value of a field is not null?


For example if I want to evalute if Inventory Item Item ID is not null...

The following does not evalute correctly:



The following does evaluate correctly, but looking for a more direct way:



Thanks in advance!



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7 replies

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You could try inventoryID>’’    -   that’s 2 single quotes.  I believe I’ve used this before.

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InventoryID is a required field from a database level as it is the primary key.  Could you share more on your reasoning for this formula as it might not be needed? 


Your first formula is correct FIELD <> Null is a valid expression so once we know more about use case it will be easier to determine why you are not seeing the result you expect.  

Similarly for a generic inquiry you can use the conditions tab to indicate FIELD | IS NOT EMPTY

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I used InventoryID as a simple example.  My actual use case is a multi-level Kit Specification report where I am left joining KitSpecifcations on KitComponents.  I am using the null check to determine what level the component is on.

Here is an example evaluating using <>Null vs IsNull


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Null is not the same as blank, although if one formula works as ‘null’, it seems like they both should. Try this:


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Thanks @darylbowman.  Agree that null is not the same as blank, but that does work in this context. 

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It may be that IsNull checks for null or blank, whereas, an equality comparision to null will only check for null.

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@lukef55 If this is resolved, would you mark it solved by checking the box on the best answer?


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