Duplicate Order Types but not seen in Order Types Maintenance Screen

  • 30 August 2022
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Hi Everyone,

Good afternoon,

I am having an issue regarding Sales Order Forms in Acumatica. It duplicates all the entries upon running the Sales Order Forms.

Please see attached photo for your reference:


Sales Order Screen :

Upon Clicking of Print Sales Order :


It duplicates the line item of the Sales Order Forms;


Upon checking of Order Types Maintenance :

Here’s the Result :

But while searching on the screen of order types it gives me duplicate (Same Order Type)


Maybe, this is the cause of the issue in sales order forms.

May we ask on how to eliminate the duplicate order types even if it not available in Order Types Maintenance ? or Is there’s a way to correct the Sales Order Form in Report Designer?


Thank you !!


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4 replies

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Acumatica support may be needed to remove a duplicate Sales Order Type. In the meantime, I would like to know if both SO types are Active. If both SO types are active, are you able to inactivate one of them?

Also, I would like to know: Has your Sales Order form has been customized?  A member of the Report Designer role can see the Report Versions tab on Sales Orders report.  If there are any lines on the Report Versions tab, the report has been customized.  If you do see custom reports, the next step is to inactivate all custom versions of the report, to isolate whether the problem is in the custom report only:

If there are no custom versions of your report, see above, contact Acumatica support. 

If the problem is confirmed to be caused by a custom report, then look at the Joins in  your report. When I see duplicates on a report, the problem is nearly always caused by a mistake in my join.  Join type is wrong, connected on wrong fields, or I missed part of a Key that is made up of several fields in one or both tables.

Good luck!

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Hi Miss Laura, Thank you for your support. As per checking the Join Type in Report Designer is as this.


Regarding the inactivation of one order type is not possible because it is not seen in the Order Types screen and upon selection, it gives me the same screen then if I change it to Inactive Order Types the other one is also inactivated.

Do we need to escalate this issue to Acumatica Support?

Thank you !!




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Hello @Alfie,

Is the report customized?

If so, do the duplicate lines appear in print when the custom version of the report is not active?

If the report is not customized, if the duplicates appear even when a custom version of the report is not active, if you want to delete a duplicate SO order type that you cannot see in the Order Types screen, Yes I recommend a ticket with Acumatica support.

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Hi Miss Laura,

Yes, The said report is customized with the same layout of the standard Sales Order Forms. Thank you for your advised Miss Laura. We will escalate our concern in Acumatica Support immediately. Thank you very much !!


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