Default value for FinPeriodID parameter in Dashboard

  • 22 November 2022
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There are all sorts of wonderful @default values for date fields but sadly none for financial periods. I’ve noticed in the past with GIs that depending on which DAC you use, you might be lucky to get the current period to default in a FinPeriodID based parameter. But you can’t chose the period. 

Would be really nice to be able to use a param like @CurrPeriod and then if needed adjust it with + or -. 

eg. @CurrPeriod - 1 is previous period.

I’ve built a really nice monthly checks dashboard which is based off a FinPeriodID parameter. I can’t get this to default a value and when the dashboard loads, despite the param being marked as required, all the widgets update even though there’s no value for the period (and hence they all return 0 value).

Any ideas? 


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3 replies

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Hi @RoyceLithgo 

I may have another solution for you. On the parameters, have you checked From Schema?

That then allows the user to choose the Financial period:


You can also make that field required. 

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Hi @kbeatty21,

Thanks for your reply. From Schema is used in the parameters dashboard itself for selecting the Default Value. In other words, it means select the Default Value using the Schema.

In your instance, you chose a DAC that supports selecting on Fin Period. I modified my parameter and chose the first “FinPeriod” DAC I found and selection now works on the Param.

BUT, required field property doesn’t stop the dashboard from evaluating all the widgets when the param is blank. This is my issue.

When the user loads the dashboard the first time, they have to wait a bit for all the widgets to fire and return 0 because all of them depend on the param. With a GI, a required param stops the GI from executing. 

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@RoyceLithgo  I believe I understand what you are saying, that the expectation would be that the dashboard would load very quickly when there is no default parameter? One difference in these two types of reporting tools is that dashboards can have widgets which are unaffected by the parameters. So it would make sense to load as much data as possible when the screen opens, being one of the key points of a dashboard is to quickly see important data in an easy to understand widget arrangement.

I also see the side of the point where there could be an option to have an option to load the screen without fetching the GI results until after the required parameter(s) are selected, but it isn’t currently how the dashboard is setup to respond.

I would recommend to make a product idea which could facilitate this change as it might not have come up yet and I think it could be a useful feature for people who want to have this type of dashboard.


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