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  • 25 May 2021
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Hi All,

We have configured several custom fields in Customization project for our Business Account in Acumatica. We have also used Push Notification using a Generic Inquiry to send us notifications when any field is updated in Business Account. The Generic Inquiry has the custom fields added as well. So when we get a push notification about changes to Business Account, we see the custom fields in the Inserted and Deleted blocks. We have been using this setup for over a month.

Everything was working as expected until we stopped seeing the custom fields from Business Account in Push notifications. We checked the following things to make sure our setup was right:

  •  Customizations are published
  •  Generic inquiry had custom fields in result grid
  •  View Inquiry of the Generic inquiry had customer fields
  •  Push notification was subscribed to the correct Generic Inquiry

After 2 days, the custom fields started appearing in Push notifications again without us having to do anything. Has anyone else experienced the same behavior?
Also, is there a way to check the changes that would effect the Push Notifications?

Any leads would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!


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7 replies

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Hi Amruta,

NO. We have worked on Push Notifications in multiple projects but we never used custom fields in the GI.


Everything was working as expected until we stopped seeing the custom fields from Business Account in Push notifications.


Which means, the push notifications were triggered properly, when the custom field was changed but in the Push Notifications Json custom fields information not available in the “Inserted” and “Deleted” blocks right?


With the above points, looks like everything perfect to me (there is NO chance of getting this issue)., but as this is related to customization fields, during that time any publishing/Unpublishing activity done on the instance?


Thank you for your quick response Naveen. The customization project was unpublished for a while before we started seeing this issue but when we realized about custom fields not coming out of Push notifications, we went back and published the customization project that contained the custom field configurations. Despite the publishing, the custom fields didn't show up in push notifications.

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Okay. After publishing the packages on the instance, have you verified the Push Notification generic inquiry with custom fields available? If yes we are NOT sure why this is missed in Push Notification JSON.

Also, since this Push Notification depends on the custom fields, better to verify with the webhook option whether the Push Notification JSON is showing up custom field values or NOT, after deploying the packages. This way we can avoid such issues in future.


Thank you for your quick response Naveen. Appreciate it! I am not sure what you meant by "verify with the webhook option" and “publishing the packages on the instance” since we do not use webhooks in our setup. We send the Push notifications to AWS Lambda and we made sure that Push notifications are well formatted when they reach Lambda. We print the Push notification in our Lambda logs and this is where we realized that some of the custom fields were missing just for 2 days. 

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@Amruta There is a simple technique in Acumatica, where we configure the TEST webhook and check whether the Push Notification is triggering properly with all the details. Please find the details below.

In the Push Notification screen, select the “Webhook” option and provide the TEST Webhook address details in the “Address” field from below site and then the Generic Inquiry you can configure the GI, which you used for the Push Notification.

Once you modify the details for the GI field, you can see the Push Notification JSON details in Test webhook site.

Test Webhook Site:

Push Notification screen:




Hi Naveen,

Thank you for sharing the information about . It looks really helpful for testing! And I verified that the custom fields is not showing up there as well. We have reached out to Acumatica support about the same issue. They suggested us to upgrade to 2020R2 Upgrade 11 as a resolution to this problem. We will soon be trying that out.

I appreciate your quick responses and valuable suggestions. Thanks for your time!

Best Regards,

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Hi Amruta..

Sorry for the late reply.. I’m NOT sure, how you have verified, but just now quick verification on this…

I have created GI (Custom Field - Sales Order screen), with Push Notification and observed details are showing in Webhook site. 
Please find the details below..





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